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Drexel Hereford was founded by Jeffrey Schroeder. A native of Michigan and graduate of Michigan State University, Jeff has more than 25 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Investigator (State of Michigan look up Michigan license #3701201471 and State of Arizona look up Arizona license #1662761) and genealogical researcher. The name Drexel Hereford comes from the two streets in Detroit where Jeff’s parents spent their childhoods. Staff at Drexel Hereford includes forensic genealogists, attorneys, legal professionals, documentation specialists and researchers.

Our clients often have questions about their family history and how the legal process works. We understand and will work with you to ensure we address all your questions and you’re comfortable with the process. We’re happy to share our specialized knowledge in genealogy and inheritance and conduct every case with integrity and respect for our clients and their families.

22757 Woodward Ave, Suite 230
Ferndale, MI 48220

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