Testimonial Transcripts


Martha B. recorded 2016

My name is Martha. I’m here with Michelle and Jeff Schroeder. And we’re in sunny Orlando, where I Iive, and they came on a vacation to visit a relative and we got together for lunch. And I’m so happy that I got to meet Jeff in person. Michelle in person also, but especially Jeff because I’ve talked with him for about a year and half or two years while he helped solve a wonderful problem for us. It turned out that we had a relative that we did not know existed. And on my mother’s side of the family – ah, I almost break up thinking about it because it was so, so wonderful this came about. But anyway, Jeff located us, and through a phone call we got to talking and he sent us the paperwork. We signed it, we did everything we needed to do and it finally came into fruition through probate. And my mother, who is 97 years young, received an inheritance. I’m very happy about it. I speak highly of Jeff. He’s very—he’s got wonderful morals. Very disciplined. Always returned his phone calls and answered every silly question I had. Between my sister and I, we had a lot of little questions to ask about what do we do with the money. My mom’s 97. So he was very helpful and informed us about various things. Found the attorney that needed to handle probate because it was in another state. And just everything went along beautifully. I think he’s wonderful.